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Jamie's Journal

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Saturday, October 13th, 2001
1:10 pm - jesus
its been so long since i have updated! well the ani concert is tomarrow night and im so excited! i got really fucked up at rehersal fri. i was throwing up in the bathroom, i i was sick. nick is down! yay! i couldnt go out with them because i was puking my guts out! my show is going great. this is the first time i have worked with mitchell and its incerdible. i play a butch drunk nun, and i hope all of you guys come and see it. i got a 3.14 on my report card, yay! we have setc comming up, and auditions for scools, i cant wait. masqurade ball is comming up, i think im going to be :" divine" we will see! well im tired and hung over and im going to sleep now! bye all

current mood: bitchy

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Thursday, September 6th, 2001
6:22 pm - damn again!
laurell you liar! the gsa meting isnt until the 19th! lol! i cant believe im going to see ani again! im so excited! it was either ani or tori, and tori was 60 bucs, and i just dont make enough for both, so i went with my true love..haha! school royally sucked, but...i get to choreograph a modern piece in " songs for a new world", with cj, and santoya, so that will be fun! i cant wait until this season goes up, its going to be so hot! "fosse", "wild party", once a catholic", and "songs for a new world" plus mr. renkens really sad one...thats night so hot...but sad:(, wow! im so pumped! well...ok, not pumped...but you get the pic!

current mood: anxious

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Monday, September 3rd, 2001
7:00 pm
today i never called diana, she is pissed, and im so glad we were closed today. i had to work on mothers day for gods sake! but i got a raise and im happy. i cant believe page goes home tomarrow, she just got here, jesus! last night i bought Quills, its so good! and carol came over and we watched an asian film called " Shower" i highly recomend it to anyone who goes to blockbuster and notices" hey, ive seen everything here" go ahead, grab shower, its so cute! well, time for dinner, bye bye!

current mood: flirty

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Sunday, September 2nd, 2001
5:32 pm - "damn baby...shit! "
wow! its been a long time since i have posted! school has been busy! we had auditions for " once a catholic" this week, it was awsome! i got "mother basil" i cant wait until rehersal. i have never worked with mrs. mitchell before! ( laurell, i havnt seen you all year, what lunch do you have) my scheduale sucks, and school is so long, but its fun as usual. candace called me last night, and i forgot to call her back. monday is labor day, and diana has a photo assignment due and i have to be here model...ohh lala! well, imn at my grandparents, and its time for dinner, bye all!

current mood: enthralled

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5:32 pm - damn baby...shit! "
wow! its been a long time since i have posted! school has been busy! we had auditions for " once a catholic" this week, it was awsome! i got "mother basil" i cant wait until rehersal. i have never worked with mrs. mitchell before! ( laurell, i havnt seen you all year, what lunch do you have) my scheduale sucks, and school is so long, but its fun as usual. candace called me last night, and i forgot to call her back. monday is labor day, and diana has a photo assignment due and i have to be here model...ohh lala! well, imn at my grandparents, and its time for dinner, bye all!

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Friday, August 17th, 2001
1:40 am - pagie is home!
today my aunt page comes home from chicago! im so excited, but i have to work, and i will miss picking her up at the air port! i have to go to school today and get a parking decal, yuck! my mom and i made up, she is such a weird bitch like that! but she is a cancer, and forgets who she is mad at!\

a few weeks ago, at jeans, eveyone was discussing which golden girl they were most like, and why. well....i wanst any!i felt so left out, then i realized( with the help of some friends) fuck the golden girls, im most like suzane from desiging women !thats right con-sa--wayla! ok, im going to bed, night all!

current mood: dorky

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Thursday, August 16th, 2001
1:51 pm
i have not posted in a while, i have been busy. we finally got amy into her place. it lookes good!last night nick, candace and i went to kelly's for dinner. it was so nice. it was quiet, and relaxed, and the food was great. today is diana's birthday, and she leaves for new york.

ok, so this morning my dog kept comming in and scrathing at my floor in my room, and i got up half asleep, and shut it and locked it. my mom comes home from work for lunch,(yes, i had just been up 20 min before she got in) and my door is still locked, and she gets all huffy and puffy because i locked myself in my room and shit, what ever! today i have to cover for jamimee, and then im comming home and going to sleep! school starts in a week, and im so excited!

current mood: annoyed

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Monday, August 13th, 2001
10:54 pm
today i woke up at 6:30, in fear i wouldnt wake up at all to work out! i made a reservation at kelly's for wed. night, and im excited! i made 30 bucs in tips tonight, not bad for a monday! kate came into work, i didnt realize it was her. and i made more friends with the ass hole punk rip off's of countryside high school! they think im older than them.....way older! well, im hitting the sack early tonight! tomarrow i have to help amy move into ther place! night all!

current mood: chipper

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Sunday, August 12th, 2001
10:58 pm
today we went over to see amy's new place! she is moving to tampa, but that means when we go out clubbing, we can crash at her house! woohoo! then i went over to my grandparents house for dinner! my great grandma is getting so crazy! (i mean she is 93) but everyone was calling her crazy and stuff and i never really noticed it until she put black olives on her peanut butter sandwich and, started talking to the pillows! but oh well, i guess we will never survive, unlesss we are a little crazy!

current mood: amused

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Friday, August 10th, 2001
4:32 pm - busy day
today i got up and worked out, then went to work and picked up my pay check. it wasnt too shabby! then went to joann's fabrics and got some muslin to start to make the canopy for my bed. then back to pier one to pick up the bamboo! then my car broke down just after i droped the movies off at blockbuster! weeew! long day! tonight im going to visit diana at work, then go home. i have to work a double so id better get some sleep for tomarow night! take care all!

current mood: accomplished

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1:06 am
today was mary's last day in st.pete! i cant believe all of my friends are going to school! at first i just kept telling myself its not for a while, and pushing it off, but its finally here! im really nervous for them!

i was updating some things, and i noticed some other people were intereste din william finn, and the wild party, and stuff, its still weird that people are into the same shit!i had 3 toddy coolers from work, and im so hyper i cant go to sleep! but the more im typing, the more sleepy i get! this is good!

nick ( bo

try to shut me up

put rockstar shut-me-ups on your own page!

yslacker) are you okay, you havnt posted in a while?

ok, im going to watchgolden girls and go to bed, night all!
since i found people into william finn, i had to put this in!

current mood: sleepy

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Thursday, August 9th, 2001
1:19 pm
candace was supposed to come over and work on the mural but she has no gas. i have to run aronds today though. not much to say. at least i dont have to work. school starts in 2 weeks, im so excited for this season to start! afer this year, i have to do my senior project! Yikes!!~ well take care all!

current mood: blah

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Wednesday, August 8th, 2001
11:10 am - nothing like a good drag queen
last night was funny! nick got so drunk, and couldnt even talk let alone stand up, and he was trying to convince jason to buy him booze at wallgreens. Josh got in drag and looked awsome and we went to the globe, where i saw lila donalo, blast from the past, she looked awful! and this guy commented on my tattoo, and he looked like iggy pop, and it was weird. but i think we had fun. then we watched too wong foo, and talked until 4 in the morning and went to bed! i didnt get much sleep so i am going to work out, then go to sleep, bye

current mood: hung over

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Tuesday, August 7th, 2001
7:48 pm
i am at nicks house, and we up loaded an old pic of me: its really old, from my headshots from webb's city. god! we are going to jeanie beanies for a too wong foo drag party. its going to be fun! okie, im out like a fat kid playing dodge ball!

current mood: amused

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12:03 am - she devils on bikes!
today was like bum day! i went ot taco bell, and came back and then got called into work! crap! but i made myself a Toddy Cooler with Baileys Irish creme and felt mucho better! Chris and i went to blockbuster and got To wong foo, shadow of the vampire, and she devils on bikes! she devils, reminds you of valley of the dolls, and mommy deariest, that...campy corny horrible acting, booze drungs and sex, everything a perfectly trashy movie from the 60's should have right? well tonight im going to jeans, and we are going to watch them! and nick is gonna get some booty with tyler! haha....we all need to talk about the " melanie situation"

current mood: thirsty

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Monday, August 6th, 2001
12:17 pm - damn!
because of me moving into my new house, i have not been out with my friends in such a long time! i love how things start as "lets go bowling" then " lets just get drunk and watch porn" then into " lets get drunk, watch porn, and play sexual trivial persuit!" it was fun! i have not hung out with jean in a long time, and damn it was like old times. cigarette in one hand, margaritta in the other! im so tired....i guess im on an hour of sleep. hope everyone had a nice weekend!


current mood: numb

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Sunday, August 5th, 2001
1:48 pm - ahhh man
today i got called into work for a meating! it starts at 3:30...boohoo! i looked at some of jamiee's pic's from europe, and they were awsome! she has like 36 roles! i got a haircut...its too short, but oh well. Monday, we are going over to orlando to the converse outlet! yay! ok, im heading up to work now!

take care all

current mood: annoyed

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Saturday, August 4th, 2001
12:39 am - i whiped
i worked last night...im tired. today i am getting a hair cut! i bought ani tickets to. i got awsome seats as usual! my brother, jun, carole and myself are goin. cant wait! i worked with noelle tonight! she is my favorite lesbian i think (besides kathy and the beeve)do you all remember how fucked up i was at her grad. party? damn!(happy thoughts happy thoughts)

i talked to reneken today also, and his play is on preview at the H.C.C campus on sunday, its supposed to be really good! my audition for tpac was great, i got a call back next week...yay!ok, im going to sleep, night all

current mood: sleepy

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Friday, August 3rd, 2001
8:40 am - yay yay!
today ani tickets go on sale! i was sitting at work, thinking, damn, that girl hasnt come to see our city in a while (like i really know her personally) and there in the weekly planet, bam, october 4th, 8:00, and the Mahaffey Theater. one thing i love about her is she plays in private venues, cheap tickets, and she was just here a few months ago...aparently she really likes tampa....go figure! well folk i am out like a fat kid playing dodge ball....have a good one everyone!

~ my fav line form that song is..."and your bones have been my bed frame, and your flesh has been my pillow"

current mood: excited

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Thursday, August 2nd, 2001
9:07 am
my friend and co-worker jamimee has been in europe for three weeks, (the bitch,) and she got back yesterday! she went to paris, london, italy, and all that jazz. she has lots of pictures, so tonight, im going up to meet her for coffee, and to talk. im so sore! remember that old guy steve from yesterdays post? well last night he came in and apologized....he said" man i didnt think you were only 17, i thought at least 20" which is true, i dont look 17 at all.....isnt that werid though, i mean that he came in the next night and said something after i wrote the nasty post about him! does anyone in the world watch "Golden Girls" and then "Designing women" before they go to bed? i guess im the only loser! mary, call me and tell me how the "male review" was at stormans, and about sunday! bye for now!~blessed be!~ burp !

ok, i posted today, then i looked at it, and had to come back and say something! look at my little rat guy down there....what the fuck is he doing? thats not embarrassed! thats like...linda blair for gods sake..ok, thats all

current mood: embarrassed

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